Automated Pentest Framework for Information Gathering | ReconCobra


#Information #gathering is the most important and must be the first step if it comes to hacking a system or a person. The world runs on information. In today’s world information is required more on the #online world than the offline world. Information defines a human or machine character. How their protocols work. That’s why hackers focus on gathering information as much as possible. Some of them even buy information for thousands of dollars. Here we are going to talk about a tool that is called #ReconCobra which is an information-gathering tool and has the ability to #automate the processes. This tool is no different from other tools we already talked about used for information gathering except the automation part. Also, it has 80+ sections and each section has a huge list of different tools. According to the developer Haroon Awan, ReconCobra can be useful in #banks, #private organizations and #Ethical #hackers for legal #auditing. This tool is now a part of International hacking training for #OSINT. This single line is enough to know how well coded and useful ReconCobra is



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